The story of gravity

Our bodies are more alike than we think.
We’re born flexible and pain-free… and then we encounter GRAVITY.
Gravity smashes us down, forcing our muscles to fight back.

Life happens out in front of us, so that’s where our muscles develop.
We’re driving cars, sitting at desks, looking down at phones and we learn to become forward beings because we don’t realize
Gravity is pulling us forward every day.



We all have the same design, we just use our muscles differently! YOUR muscles responded to YOUR life, keeping you contorted and imbalanced.

We exercise, thinking it’s going to keep us young, flexible, and pain-free, but… have we ever stopped to think about the purpose of the exercises we do?

Are we training the same muscles we use all day? Shouldn’t we be training the muscles we DON’T use, restoring balance to our bodies?


The Purpose of Exercise

Many of the exercises we do mimic the way we live our lives.
We’re working out the same muscles we use all day long!

If we’re getting strong muscles from your daily habits, why would we ever want to work out those same muscles? Shouldn’t we be working out the opposite muscles? The muscles getting weaker by the minute because we DON’T use them all day?

Isn’t the purpose of exercise to undo all the unhealthy things we do every day? Traditional exercise has NO PURPOSE!


Your Pain is Muscle Related

Our muscle imbalance catches up to us, so we go to a doctor looking for a “fix.” Queue the well-accepted cycle: Diagnosis, PT, Medication, More PT, and surgery.

When we’re disobeying the design of the human body, our muscles age us.
Our muscles are literally pulling us toward the ground.

By reorganizing the muscles that bring us out of alignment
and creating new habits, we don’t have to be in pain anymore.
THE PLACE WHERE NO PAIN EXISTS is entirely in your control.

We must train the opposite to attain all our goals

The DAG Method has reinvented exercise by creating a unique leveraging system that realigns the body, eradicates pain, and gives you the awareness to work out smarter.

It’s one simple protocol with monumental results.

By understanding the design of your body and training towards this design,
the world opens up to whatever goal or desire you have for you body.

Life pulls us forward, training should bring us back.
Life trains us forward, DAG trains us back.